Falling Apart EP


10 years after the first Mix : La Divine Comédie / L’Enfer  [DEST.W01]

10 years after the vinyl launch countdown for the label  [DEST.-05]

Destruction is striking back with Neurocore delivering a powerful, intense and epic 4 tracker - Falling Apart – ep. Limited to 250 copies




We are delighted to announce that the Dest-2 is now available for pre-orders at Toolbox, http://www.toolboxrecords.com/fr/product/25851/hardcore/destruction--2/ 
comes with an outstanding cover sleeve, designed by Ashot Gevorkyan & Groin, mastered by Beru, 150g, Hurry up ! Only 250 copies available ! No digital release !!
"by far my most personal record ever made, I wanted to engrave feelings in oil plate, let it burn, and enjoy the silence of ruins..."


 preview (23rd MARCH 2016)

A1 - Perfection Belongs To Gods (428 BPM)


                  Destruction -2 | Falling Apart

 preview (02nd APRIL 2016)

A2 - Highways (Can’t Save Her Crash mix) (170 BPM)

 preview (15th APRIL 2016)

B1 - Falling Apart (360 BPM)

 preview (29th APRIL 2016)

B2 - Tears Of The Clouds (150 BPM)